mixd.tv offers an extendable meta platform to unify access to all online video sites using tablet and laptop apps that can also be white-labeled to partners.

We're currently developing a tablet application both working iOS and Android devices which is soon to be released. If you're interested in hearing about updates on the current progress and the launch of the app, you can register here.

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mixd.tv integrates centralized access to online video platforms with native applications for laptops and tablets. With end users browsing channels and searching for keywords, the app collects video metadata and usage data.

Based on the collected video metadata, a recommendation engine generates relations between videos. The central database containing collected data and the recommendations can be made accessible to partners using a Web-API.

Based on collected user behavior, recommendations are generated for every video and content channel. This way videos are categorized independently of metadata. To solve the cold start problem, initial recommendations can be generated using the user’s Facebook profile data.